Top Nepal Handicraft Products You Want to Buy and Take Back Home

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Nepal is a renowned tourist destination, mainly because of its varied adventurous activities such as trekking, mountain climbing, and other similar activities. However, Nepal is not all about the natural beauty the country is blessed with. There is also a plethora of food, arts, crafts, and language to explore. If you want to purchase gifts and souvenirs and take back home, Nepal is the best country to visit. 

Here are some of the top Nepal handicraft products you want to buy and take back home:


Pashmina products are the most sought-after of all handicrafts available in Nepal. Pashmina is a special kind of Kashmiri that’s known to be one of the softest and fluffiest fibers available. They’re light in weight, warm, and look stunning on the wearer. Pashmina product ranges from scarves to sweaters and can be easily found in garment stores and shopping malls. Nepal is undoubtedly world-famous for its premium quality pashmina products. 

Felt products:

Felt is a very old material for handicrafts which has been in use in a broad array of products ranging from the art and design instruments to the automotive industry. You can buy a wide range of felt products such as handcrafted felt balls, felt decoration, felt mats, and decorative slippers to name a few. 

Handmade Nepali statues:

The country of Nepal is blessed with mixed cultures and religions, where folks are mostly Buddhists and Hindus. The people here are extremely religious spiritual and as a result, one can discover a stupa or shrine at a distance of 5-10kms nearly everywhere. 

Therefore, tourists generally want to take home back sculptures of a deity as a spiritual memory from Nepal. These sculptures are basically of a Buddhist or Hindu god that is made of different sorts of materials like clay, bronze, and brass. You can buy these statues as a unique showpiece or you can purchase them to gift someone. 

Tibetan Singing Bowl:

Also known as singing bowls or Himalayan bowls, Tibetan singing bowls are known to promote relaxation and present potent healing methods. Tibetan singing bowls are widely used by Buddhist monks for practicing meditation, whereas other practitioners make use of them for different treatment purposes.

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