Know about Islamic Funeral Arrangements and traditions in Tooting

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Our team of dedicated professionals is available to assist you in making the funeral arrangements for your loved ones. Arranging a funeral can be a very difficult experience.

 Death is the end of life on this earth and the beginning of a life in the future, not only is the follower of Islam but others believe in this myth also. In Islam, the arrangements of the entire funeral process are the duty and responsibility of every local community of Muslim. If you aren’t well-known for Islamic funeral traditions and Muslim burial practices, this experience can become even more difficult. When you are planning to attend one or are just curious about their customs, having some basic knowledge about the Muslim funeral traditions and rites will help you to prepare. Here is the best guide you need to know about Islamic Funeral Arrangements and traditions in Tooting.


What happens Book Muslim Funeral to Preparing the Body for Burial


To go through the Islamic Funeral Arrangements, you need to follow certain rules and steps. You can bury the body once you register the death and you have the medical certificate to say how this person died. You have to take it to the Register Officer to register the death.


The process of an Islamic Funeral Arrangements and burial can happen very quickly means, nearly about 24 hours of

death. After the death of a loved one close family members (either the spouse or a same-gender relative) will wash the body immediately to prepare it for the Islamic burial and al-Janazah prayer. In all aspects of life and death takes cleanliness very seriously. Then the family members will then cover the deceased in a kafan (a white burial cloth) tied with ropes before turning the body. Next to that, the deceased is moved to where the funeral will take place.

Generally, Muslim funerals take place in a mosque, in an outdoor space inside the community, a funeral home that contains Muslim traditions, or in a prayer room. The entire guest stands in the ceremony led by the Imam, and with funeral prayers known as Salatul Janazah that takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete. Before preparing the body for burial make sure it must be washed and shrouded. But the spouse should perform the washing three times in case of spousal death. 


What to wear?


All attendees including family members and relatives are expected to dress humbly while coming to attend funeral manners in Islam Funeral Tooting. Usually, women come with a long-sleeved top, ankle-length skirt, and a headscarf while men wear trousers and shirts. Moreover, when entering a mosque prayer hall, everyone must be removed to make sure that no impurities are brought in.