Printer Cartridge Care & Maintenance Tips You Should Not Ignore

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Cartridges are expensive, so it’s critical that you take care of them in the right way. This will not just aid you save money, it’ll also ensure your printer stay healthy and happy. Simple cartridge maintenance tips can make a significant difference, resulting in better print quality, durable ink, and less troubleshooting. Listed below are a few cartridge care tips from one of the best printer cartridge suppliers online.

Proper installation is essential:

As far as cartridge installations are concerned, each printer is somewhat different. Ensure to verify your printer’s instruction manual before you first attempt to set up your ink cartridge. In the event your printer doesn’t come with an instruction manual, you can generally download a PDF version on the website of the manufacturer. YouTube is an excellent resource for installation and troubleshooting related guides.

Set up a regular cleaning schedule:

Printer cartridges also demand cleaning like other equipment. This stops dust from hoarding and damaging the working condition of your printer. Therefore, you should not ignore the printer’s cleaning schedule.

Keep ink cartridges hydrated:

Whether in use or not, ensure your ink cartridges are hydrated so it will not die untimely. Moreover, keep examining your ink cartridges regularly. Magenta, yellow and cyan can run out entirely. So ensure to examine them and refill or replace them with a good-quality ink cartridge. While printing, your printer or attached computer system demonstrates your ink level message over time. You shouldn’t overlook all these warnings take prompt action.


Check for clogs:

Has your cartridge stopped printing like it is supposed to? Do you see smears or streaks on your page? Before you dump it, ensure a blocked nozzle is not to blame. To confirm this, try running your printer’s printhead cleaning feature. This will remove any ink that may have settled dried over the printhead nozzles during a long gap between print jobs.

Shake it:  

When your prints begin to look faded, it isn’t always because your cartridges are running empty. Sometimes it could be because some of the ink has dried up and is blocking the nozzles. Beside the hair dryer method, you could also try flipping the cartridge upside down then gently shake it. Easy on the shaking though, we only wish to get the ink unstuck, not break the cartridge.Check out Toner Store now if you are looking for one of the most reputable Printer cartridge suppliers online. From Brother to Dell, ESPOSN, LEXMARK and Xerox – they have printer cartridge from most brands.