Tips For Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for Your Wedding

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Choosing wedding jewelry can be a challenge. There are so many options, and you want to pick something that will look great in your photos. In this post, we have shared a few tips for choosing the perfect jewelry for your wedding.

Less is more:

When choosing jewelry for your wedding, remember the old adage 'less is more.' A bride doesn't want to overdo her jewelry. Jewelry should complement the gown and not take attention away from it. Your gown and jewels need to blend together so that neither takes away from the other. Use accessories tastefully to complement, not compete with, your dress.

Match Your Jewelry to the Style of Your Dress:

If your wedding dress is simple, you can make a statement with jewelry. You don't have to match everything exactly. Just find pieces that complement each other. You can do this by contrasting the style of two pieces of jewelry: for example, if your dress is simple try wearing a bold necklace or earrings.

Pick Jewelry that Accents Your Dress:

Your wedding jewelry should complement your wedding dress, not compete with it. The right size of jewelry will accentuate your bridal look. Don't choose jewelry that's too small and gets lost in the details of your gown. If your dress is intricate, you wish your jewelry to be more delicate but not imperceptible. If you have opted for a simpler dress, steer clear of wearing too many pieces of jewelry that are competing for attention. Sometimes just one nice piece will look perfect if it highlights the rest of your attire and matches your earrings and ring sets.

Avoid Too Many Colors in Wedding Jewelry:

For a wedding, it's better to stick to one or two colors of jewelry. They should blend well with your dress and complement your overall appearance. Wearing several colors can make a bride look tacky and can detract from her inner and outer beauty. It's not a good idea to wear gemstones of different colors on your wedding day.

Shop your bridal jewelry sets from a trusted jeweler:

When planning your wedding, one of the smartest things you can do is buy your jewelry from a reputable jeweler. You don't want to end up with imitation jewelry that will fall apart on the big day.

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