Get your pup well-trained and obedient

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The love and joy that you can experience from your dog is uniquely special. In order to have that fufilling relationship, your dog has to be nurtured and taught to live in harmony and happiness with his human pack, just like a child.

A dog carries a lot of enjoyment along with him/her. When we bring them into our houses, we want them to be a portion of our life and sometimes socialize with our buddies and family. Dogs are good trainees, but they ought to time and attention to get acclimated to their new life, and this is where the Dog training center in Singapore works for. If your pooch is trained correctly, he will make every moment additionally enjoyable.
So, it is significant to start training as soon as you bring a dog house. But for new dog parents, the query arises, where to begin from? How to instruct a dog? How will they learn? 
There are two paths to training a dog, either train your dog on your own or employ an expert team of pet trainers like Dog Listener consult. By carrying out the following tips appropriately, you can make your dog obedient and well-trained at home.
Give your dog a name
Whether it be a newborn baby or a new pup, assigning a name to the most special member of your household is the first step to formulating a long-lasting bond with them. Providing a name to your dog not just establishes individuality for them but also enables a lot in training. Try to keep the name short, preferably one or a max of two syllables.
Dogs readily adapt to things, so once you have selected the name, use it every time whenever you call him. Shortly they will get used to it and reply to it.
Instruct your dog to reach when called
Suppose you named your dog, champ. Instruct him in such a fashion that whenever you call, “champ! Come here”. He should run to you. When they initiate doing this, show excitement and then use different positive reinforcements. You can try the come command to check your dog’s attention when they are active or playing.
Reward your dog for good behavior
The main objective of training your dog is to make them obedient and teach them good behavior. When you see that your dog is heeding your commands and acting well, don’t forget to award them by playing, exhibiting love, and applauding them. Give delights and let them know that they did a good job that is worth appreciating.